Bertha Freeman

Timeless, Elegant, Fearless, RespectedA Newark Native, Musician, United States Marine, Community Leader and Activist

Bertha Freeman, a leader in every way. She was member of the Newark Board of Adjustments and president of Ivy Hill association from 2015-2017. Bertha spearheaded the establishment and building of the 4th precinct Newark Police Station as well as the redevelopment of Ivy Hill Park. Often recognized and celebrated for her many contributions to her community, Bertha was a pivotal member of her community.​​​​

A warrior, Bertha battled cancer for 14 years with unwavering faith and determination. Chemotherapy and radiation took a toll on the outside of her body just as it did on the inside. During her battle she educated herself on natural ingredients and remedies to help sooth and nourish her skin. Thru trial and error we created remedies to help ease the irritation of extra dry, itchy skin using natural ingredients.

Our warrior went on to be with her lord and saviour on February 14th, 2021 but her spirit lives on thru her many contributions to her community and now her contribution to skin care. It is our hope to keep her memory alive by sharing her knowledge and spreading her love.​​​